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Yeah ... I used to defend churches like mine. I'm still tempted to. Maybe it's the leadership? Maybe it's my idealistic nature that makes me susceptible? Regardless, the scales have tipped heavily and I'm seeing too much hurt, too many coincidences, and too little love to continue my self-sacrificial blindness. I'm daring to think I can reclaim the real me ... and spray paint the sacred cow I've revered for far too long!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

"What you need to do is ..."

The pointed finger, the pointed words, the pointed "concern" ... The hidden dynamic? Manipulation. No one says it. Rarely is it recognized. But oh, how common it is! Sometimes just the feeling of "you should" is abstractly construed to move the other person in a direction and automatically reprimand if the "should" isn't followed. Regardless of how genuine the concern, I'm beginning to realize that any pressure like that is purely MANIPULATION!


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